Vision 2026

With Vision 2026, we are set to enter a new chapter of sustainable growth and value creation, focusing on a value proposition that integrates software and services, delivering on five key growth opportunities and sharpening its execution. Our commitment is to elevate our “lead” offerings, ensuring clients have seamless cloud access, maximise the return on investment (ROI) on their software spend, and boost workforce productivity across customer segments. At the same time, we will “expand” into selected high-growth areas such as application modernisation and data & AI, specifically serving mid-market clients.

Value proposition and  Vision 2026

Strategic growth priorities

To drive revenue acceleration, we will capitalise on the strong momentum in our serviceable addressable market (SAM) and deliver on five key growth opportunities:

Sharpened execution

As part of its updated strategy, we will focus on sharpening execution through a transformed go-to-market approach. Specifically, we will implement a new client segmentation and coverage model and drive commercial excellence, including pricing realisation. Together with continuous portfolio innovation, delivery excellence and talent management, we will deliver best-in-class business outcomes for clients and performance.

A key element of the transformed GTM approach will be a differentiated coverage model, ranging from “high touch” to “low touch” depending on client size in order to drive cost-effective, yet scalable revenue growth.

Differentiated client coverage model by segment
Revenue-based segmentation (USD)

New financial targets

With Vision 2026, we set new financial targets reflecting a transitional period in 2024, followed by an acceleration of growth and margin expansion by 2026.

2024 outlook and Vision 2026 targets
Results reviewIndustry environment

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