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President's Club Volunteering 2023

This year’s President’s Club was held in Turkey and, as per tradition, our employees volunteered with TURMEPA, a local NGO working to protect the marine environment, collecting a total of 774kg of waste.

The winning team which collected a total of 137kg of waste received EUR 500 to donate to the charity of their choice, The Ocean Cleanup, using the SoftwareOne Gives Back platform. 

The President’s Club participants also collaborated with author Jess French to write a book to educate and inspire young minds on climate change. The main themes of the book include plastic pollution, how it can be recycled, and how technology can help keep areas clean. The book also focuses on the environmental problems caused by electronic waste and teaches children about the impact of devices such as smartphones and data centres on our planet.

Winning team of the beach cleaning challenge

National Education Operator - Poland

SoftwareOne Academy Capstone worked with Tech to the Rescue to identify a need with Ogólnopolski Operator Oświaty, National Education Operator in English, where they implemented a Virtual Counselling Centre (VCC) to better support their patients. The Academy team worked with speed, efficiency and creativity to understand the organisation’s requirements and translate them into a final product with a lasting impact.

In the first stage, VCC offered active support for 3,100 children and their parents, currently provided with speech therapy and pedagogical/psychological support in kindergartens and schools run by the National Education Operator foundation.

From February to April 2023, during the pilot stage of the VCC, conducted by the National Education Operator Foundation, information reached 2.5 million people from the PARENTS target group. Almost 360,000 people showed interest and took part in activities. We estimate the potential interest and demand at approximately 14% of parents in Poland.

EIT Digital

EIT Digital embarked on a journey to amplify its digital capabilities and enhance support for its vital partners and students from over 30 countries. EIT Digital's internal IT resources were stretched thin, and they lacked a clear IT roadmap to navigate the complex world of technology. Recognising the critical importance of cloud technology, they sought the expertise of SoftwareOne.

A partnership was formed among EIT Digital, SoftwareOne, and the NGO-focused service provider, Avange.Tech. SoftwareOne became the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner for M365 and Azure, providing valuable support and guidance on topics like Nonprofit Microsoft licensing offers, technical support of M365 and Azure, and connections to Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact team as required. Avange.Tech's highly skilled resources managed the migration of the critical Moodle platform to EIT Digital's Azure VM environment.

Through this collaboration, EIT Digital gained a solid foundation in the cloud, efficient IT management, and the ability to share knowledge with students and partners securely. This partnership exemplifies the power of innovation and collaboration to drive meaningful change and progress in the digital landscape.

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