SoftwareOne is a leading global software and cloud solutions provider that stands at the forefront of digital transformation, offering a comprehensive suite of services that help our clients navigate the complexities of cloud, as well as data & AI. As a global provider, we are dedicated to modernising our clients’ applications through integrated solutions that not only facilitate cloud migration and management across multi-cloud and hybrid systems, but also harness the power of data and AI to drive tangible business outcomes.

With ~9,300 employees across over 60 countries, SoftwareOne has one of the broadest footprints in the industry. Our operating model is built to leverage our global scale with centrally delivered 24/7 customer service, while maintaining strong client relationships as a result of our local presence. We serve over 65,000 clients worldwide1), including large enterprises, corporates, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and public sector organisations, across a range of end-markets.

1) Based on unique customer billing codes

Diversified across regions, clients and end-markets
Based on 2023 revenues

1) Breakdown based on customer revenue based on information sourced from HG Insights, CapIQ databases and desk research. Large enterprises (>5bn USD), Corporate (1bn to 5bn USD), SME (<1bn USB)

2) Others include logistics & transportation, energy & natural resources and chemicals & pharma

We offer our diversified client base an end-to-end value proposition to help them navigate complex options and implement the best IT solutions for their needs. Taking a vendor-agnostic approach and through our newly introduced revenue-based segmentation, we support clients with defining their technology strategy, followed by software sourcing (buy). We also help clients efficiently migrate applications and critical workloads to their chosen cloud destination. Finally, we manage and optimise their IT estate to ensure complete transparency, manage risk and control costs.

In this way, we empower our clients to defend their business models, transform and position themselves as leaders through enhanced customer and employee experiences, improved agility, and increased resilience.

Unique end-to-end client value proposition

Our integrated suite of solutions is optimised into two highly synergistic business lines: Software & Cloud Marketplace and Software & Cloud Services, which accounted for 54% and 46% of revenue, respectively, in 2023. The two business lines were brought closer together in 2023, under one single leadership to promote an outcomes-based approach for clients.

Two synergistic business lines

Software & Cloud Marketplace: Our clients benefit from fast, expert-led access to an extensive software and cloud catalogue with vendor partnerships. These include the largest hyperscalers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), as well as leading software brands such as Adobe, Citrix, Oracle, Red Hat, Vmware, Sophos, Splunk and Veeam. 

Our longstanding partnership with Microsoft, spanning over 30 years, has positioned us as one of Microsoft’s largest channel partners and Azure’s largest partner globally.

Software & Cloud Services: Our services cover the full spectrum of end-to-end cloud-native services and digital solutions including cloud infrastructure services, application services, SAP services, digital workplace, IT portfolio management, and software sourcing services. We are at the forefront of FinOps (cloud financial management) as a board member of the FinOps Foundation, and we ensure that security is an integral part of our offerings.

As a certified FinOps Service Provider, SoftwareOne currently has a growing team of approximately 200 FinOps Certified Practitioners, who work agnostically with a range of FinOps-certified platforms, helping clients achieve the transparency and governance needed to tackle rising variable and opaque cloud spend.

SoftwareOne Marketplace platform: an integrated client-vendor portal

The SoftwareOne Marketplace platform is a comprehensive digital marketplace that serves as a central hub for facilitating transactions between a network of over 7,500 software vendors and 65,000 global clients. This two-sided platform is the result of merging the previous client and vendor portals, creating a streamlined environment that supports efficient interaction between multiple stakeholders.

The Marketplace platform provides a consolidated view for IT and management, including a dashboard for monitoring software consumption and expenditure. The platform is designed for seamless integration and flexibility and is supported by a community of developers and system integrators. At its core, it is designed to act as a driver of digital transformation, improving operational efficiency by enabling organisations to effortlessly procure, manage and optimise software assets.

The Marketplace platform generated over CHF 500 million gross sales in 2023, with 17,000 clients enabled and 30,000 subscriptions managed.

In 2024, we plan to expand the platform with the launch of a self-service vendor portal, the availability of new self-service transactions in the Client portal, as well as shifting more of SoftwareOne's operations onto the platform to streamline efficiency and drive growth.

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