SoftwareOne Annual Report 2023

Case study:
Like a breath of fresh air, ACCO drives data analysis with AWS and SoftwareOne

Learn how ACCO Engineered Systems, a prominent Mechanical Contractor in the US, transformed its data management through AWS and SoftwareOne, establishing a centralised approach. This laid the groundwork for seamless predictive analytics, aiming to enhance service quality for its customers.


Despite ACCO's rich history of leveraging data, its rapid threefold growth in seven years led to highly decentralised data. ACCO sought to consolidate and secure this data to enhance analysis and provide innovative services. The challenge included working with diverse systems, legacy tools, and unstructured data, requiring a solution that could scale.


ACCO turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS provided an integrated platform for diverse applications, while SoftwareOne leveraged its Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) to establish the AWS data lake using core AWS Lake Formation tools. Amazon QuickSight facilitated data analysis, and AWS Glue enabled predictive analytics for HVAC system concerns. Internally, ACCO collaborated with SoftwareOne and undertook a well-architected review, ensuring secure, reliable, and cost-optimised AWS Cloud applications. This comprehensive approach addressed skill set gaps, fostering successful data consolidation.


The consolidated data, structured and unstructured, is now centralised, allowing flexible querying without traditional limitations. ACCO utilises the Amazon S3-based data lake for sales and marketing, enabling competitive project bids. Looking ahead, ACCO plans to employ the data lake for predictive maintenance, raising the bar for customer service in the dynamic Mechanical Contractor industry. This transformation ensures ACCO's commitment to delivering the highest quality service with efficiency and innovation.


Within a year of working with SoftwareOne and Amazon Web Services, we brought ACCO Engineered Systems to the cutting edge of data governance and analysis.

Gabe Cortina, Director of Data and Field Services, ACCO Engineered Systems
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