Industry environment

Today technology is central to organisations’ strategies and business models, driving a global trend towards cloud-based digital transformation. According to Gartner (November 2023), public cloud services spend is expected to grow 20% YoY in 2024, reaching USD 1.1 billion by 2027. Meanwhile, the demand for AI & data analytics is increasing rapidly, driving additional software & cloud spend and services.

Yet, organisations are challenged by increasing costs and the complexity of managing software purchases, hybrid and multi-cloud setups and cyber-security concerns. As a result, they turn to established experts like us at SoftwareOne, as they lack the internal resources to address these challenges.

At the same time, vendors require partners to help them access a dispersed audience of small to medium-sized clients, support them in adopting their purchased technology and consume cloud resources. As a global software and cloud solution provider, we have the client base and customer insights to deliver solutions to these challenges, making us a partner of choice for vendors of all sizes.

Fast-growing addressable market

The convergence of client challenges and vendor needs point to large, fast-growing markets for us. The combined Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM) is expected to grow at 17% CAGR to USD 149 billion by 2026. While the S&C Marketplace Total Addressable Market (TAM) is growing by 9%, our SoftwareOne Client portal unlocks a larger market opportunity, accelerating our SAM growth from 9% to 15%.

SoftwareOne SAM – Marketplace and Services1
Market size (USD bn), CAGR (%)

Source: IDC, BCG analysis

1)  Marketplace based on total addressable spend less not serviceable and direct spend and a reseller margin;
Services filtered for offerings, customer segments and geographical presence where SoftwareOne competes today

Vision 2026Case study 2

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