Double materiality assessment

Our process

In 2023 SoftwareOne conducted a double materiality assessment. This is a comprehensive process to evaluate and disclose ESG issues that are likely to materially affect our business (financial) and those areas that our business may materially affect (impact).

Datamaran is the leader in Smart ESG, enabling companies to identify and prioritise issues material to their operations, deepen their teams’ ESG knowledge, monitor risks and opportunities in real-time and authentically own their ESG strategy in-house.


Using Datamaran, we produced a materiality assessment driven by both our inhouse ESG perspective, internal stakeholder priorities and AI based technology. This technology combines publicly available information including relevant ESG regulations and news, benchmarking SoftwareOne against our peers and surveys from our investors and employees, to create an accurate and reliable materiality assessment. Our double materiality assessment serves as a crucial foundation for shaping our ESG programme. It enables us to prioritise action that not only mitigates risks and complies with regulations but also aligns with our stakeholder’s expectations and contributes positively to our overall impact.

We align every step of our journey to the priorities and passions of our employees, clients, investors, and other stakeholders, not only to ensure that their needs are met, but also to drive further engagement in our ESG programme.

Our double materiality assessment process included the following steps:

Our double materiality matrix 2023
Our ESG strategyESG at SoftwareOne

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