Outlook 2023

The LTI programme, which started in 2020, will reach its first vesting event in 2023 and we will share more details on the programme performance of the first cycle and related vesting.

In 2023 we will close the first 3-year performance period of our Long-term Incentive (LTI) programme. For the next cycle starting in 2023 we aim to continue adjusting this programme after reviewing best market practices while ensuring we stay close to our objectives of long-term value creation. We will add a third metric with EBITDA margin and increase the focus on profitability. In addition, we will replace gross profit with revenue growth in line with our business transformation. With that we will also change the weighting to 40% for revenue growth, 40% on EBITDA margin and 20% on rTSR.

We are also planning to add a new board member with much experience in technology and IT leadership positions and in leading large international transformation programmes. We will submit for approval to our annual general meeting in May 2023.

Report of the statutory auditorExecutive Board compensation

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