Changes of Control and Defense Measures

Unvested deferred compensation may vest and employee participation plan rules may be amended upon a change of control of SoftwareONE, that is, if a new external shareholder acquires a major stake in SoftwareONE.

In accordance with Swiss law, the mandates and employment contracts of the members of the BoD and of the EB do not contain any provisions such as severance payments, notice periods of more than 12 months or additional pension fund contributions that would benefit them in a change of control situation.

The BoD or, to the extent it is delegated, the NCC, shall determine granting, vesting, exercising and/or forfeiting conditions. They may provide for a continuation, acceleration or removal of vesting and/or exercising conditions, for payment or granting of compensation based upon assumed target achievement, or for forfeiture, in each case in the event of pre-determined events, such as a change of control or termination of an employment or mandate agreement. The company may source the required shares from treasury shares, purchases on the market or by using authorized or conditional share capital.

Black-out PeriodsShareholders’ Participation Rights

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