Vision 2022

SoftwareONE operates with four-year vision cycles that define its strategic priorities and major investments. 2018 marked the end of a vision cycle focused on its strategic repositioning as an end-to-end technology solutions provider. Over the course of Vision 2018, SoftwareONE was able to significantly diversify the mix of software publishers in its Software & Cloud business, as well as building up a global Solutions & Services business, supported by a scalable global portfolio with a strong focus on recurring, managed services.

SoftwareONE’s Vision 2022 is to enable its customers to embark on their digital transformation and empower them to utilize technology to support and drive their business outcomes. In order to achieve Vision 2022, the group will focus and invest across three core pillars: ‘People’, ‘Portfolio’ and ‘Provoke’.


SoftwareONE believes that people are its greatest asset, and it aspires to create a culture and an environment that allow them to have the best time of their life at SoftwareONE. As SoftwareONE continues to grow and transform, it believes that maintaining its unique culture and its focus on people is critical to its future success and the ability to achieve its strategic objectives. The group’s people strategy is centered around the following three elements:


SoftwareONE strives to constantly innovate to evolve and adapt its portfolio of solutions and services to support its customers’ businesses and help them drive their digital transformation.


SoftwareONE aspires to push boundaries and explore new ways of applying digital transformation to its customers’ needs. The group believes its unique culture will allow it to disrupt both its business and the market.

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