Founded in 2000 by Daniel von Stockar and Patrick Winter († 2018), SoftwareONE is a leading global provider of software and cloud technology solutions with capabilities across the entire value chain. SoftwareONE helps its approximately 65,000 customers modernize their applications and migrate critical workloads to public clouds while simultaneously managing and optimizing the associated software and cloud assets and licensing. With an IP and technology-driven services portfolio, SoftwareONE enables its customers to holistically develop and implement their commercial, technology and digital strategies.

SoftwareONE has around 7,700 employees, including Intergrupo, giving it one of the broadest global footprints in its industry with local sales capabilities in 90 countries, supported by six regional and three global service delivery centers. With the ability to transact in more than 150 countries and provide 24/7 customer support in 13 languages, SoftwareONE’s operating model is built to deliver profitable growth at scale while maintaining customer focus.

SoftwareONE’s integrated suite of solutions is organized into two business lines: Software & Cloud and Solutions & Services, which for the year 2020 accounted for 71% and 29% of gross profit, respectively.

SoftwareONE: Enabling customers in their end-to-end transformation journey

In a world where change is the new constant, technology and cloud-enabled capabilities are a critical success factor for essentially any company. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need and showcased the benefits of a robust and cloud-enabled technology landscape. While investing for growth by adopting new technology, companies are at the same time confronted with an exponential increase in complexity and cost of their technology landscape. SoftwareONE, with its existing book of business of approximately 65’000 customers across the globe, unmatched reach with over 7,500 partners focusing on software and cloud-only services and longstanding relationships with the largest hyperscalers, is well positioned to support and lead companies through their digital transformation.

IT spend is predicted to reach USD 3.9 trillion1 globally in 2021. Industry experts estimate that 30%2 of that IT spend is wasted annually, a spend composed of cloud, on-premise software, and IaaS/PaaS/SaaS. SoftwareONE helps customers address this increasingly complex, costly and risk-bearing landscape. It does this by advising and delivering on how the data, application and software layers can be collectively optimized along with the clouds they run on. As a result, its customers can be more agile and competitive, provide better customer and employee experiences and offer more innovative products. The resources they require for investing in growth are freed up through gains from operational efficiency, cost optimization and applied intelligence. Continuous cycles of transformations are necessary; cycles enabled by balance between investing and optimizing that SoftwareONE provides.

1) Gartner: ‘Gartner Forecasts Worldwide IT Spending to Grow 6.2% in 2021’ January, 2021
2) Flexera: ‘2020 Flexera State of Tech Spend Report’ October, 2020

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Commercial Transformation

As technology becomes more complex and companies are faced with a push towards the cloud and increasing their software spend in order to defend and transform their business models, it is inherently necessary to create transparency in their software and cloud estates as well as manage and optimize the transformational costs efficiently. SoftwareONE’s commercial transformation is built on the following pillars: high growth and scalable business models with optimized cloud spend through FinOps, providing simplification, visibility and predictability, and managing compliance risks. These enable customers to balance the cost of ownership with returns generated for the business, while freeing up budget to drive forward their technology transformation. These three pillars represent the foundation upon which SoftwareONE was initially built and the company continues to be a leader in this space.

Technology Transformation

Technology transformation focuses on the people, process and technology change needed to enable the business strategy of SoftwareONE’s customers. Companies are looking to the capabilities provided by the public cloud to enhance and differentiate their businesses. These capabilities must be adopted in an efficient way in order to achieve the business value being sought after. SoftwareONE’s technology transformation focuses on delivering the required business agility and resilience to respond effectively to external forces, while providing operational excellence to the evolving business strategy.

Digital Transformation

The combination of commercial and technology transformation described above provides the foundation for the digital transformation of SoftwareONE’s customers. With a keen focus on improving customer and employee experience, innovation of business models, and optimization of operational processes, SoftwareONE helps its customers to transform and accelerate their businesses, allowing them to focus on their priorities. By taking bold action and a business-centric approach to deploying technology, organizations will be well positioned to lead and grow in their industries and sectors.

For further detail on the transformation levers, please refer to the Business Model section of this report. 

PyraCloud – SoftwareONE’s digital platform: Marketplace, intelligence and cloud automation

SoftwareONE offerings are connected by PyraCloud, a proprietary digital hub that allows customers to efficiently transact, manage and optimize their software and cloud technology estate from a single, data-driven, actionable platform. It can be integrated seamlessly into customer’s existing infrastructure and is able to anticipate trends and provide recommendations based on their past purchasing behavior as well as benchmarking against relevant peer groups. In 2020, the FinOps Foundation granted SoftwareONE the only certification for both FinOps Certified Service Provider (FCSP) and Platform (FCP) via PyraCloud. At the end of 2020, over 50% of SoftwareONE’s customers had access to the platform and monthly activated usage grew 87% year on year by the end of the 2020, with the ambition to continue to increase customer activation and usage in the coming years. 

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