Compensation Policy and Principles

SoftwareONE's compensation policy focuses on aligning the interests of its senior leaders with those of its shareholders on attracting, motivating and retaining the best talent in a highly competitive global environment. Consequently, the compensation principles applied across SoftwareONE are geared towards:

Promotion of SoftwareONE's core values

Embody SoftwareONE’s entrepreneurial spirit and its results-driven, customer-first culture, through the characteristics of empowerment, accountability and self-development. In parallel, the principles align to SoftwareONE’s core values of speed, customer focus, employee satisfaction, humbleness, passion, integrity and discipline both in terms of overall compensation level and framework design

Pay-for-performance alignment for EB members and the broader employee population

Create a link between the company’s overall performance and the individual’s performance in relation to the performance goals set at the beginning of the performance period and strategy execution

Underperformance is not rewarded

Shareholder and company value creation

Actively promote the development of profitable and sustainable new relationships with customers and publishers

Expand the profitable and sustainable sale of all diversified solutions

Motivation and retention

Increase and maintain the level of competence within SoftwareONE’s organization

Honor and recognize extraordinary performance

Collaboration and teamwork

Foster pragmatism and value individual as well as team performance of SoftwareONE’s employees

Drive collaboration between employee groups to achieve to achieve sales, profitability, growth and operational goals


Request prospective approval from shareholders for the BoD’s and EB’s overall compensation including variable compensation for EB members

Compensation GovernanceLetter to Shareholders

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